Learn why it is worth to include them in the routine .

This fungi (yes, fungi!) fell into the mouth of the Brazilian people recently, with their increase in the supply of supermarkets, the popularization of the Japanese casters and the inclusion in several plates of restaurants from pasta to sandwiches. But the relationship between men and mushrooms comes from afar. In ancient Egypt, they were already considered gifts of the gods. Not for less: it is a highly nutritious food.

The family of mushrooms (shiitake, champignon, shimeji …) offers help even to those who need to lose or maintain their weight. In a survey, volunteers went on to replace red meat with 200 grams of these fungi (the equivalent of a glass) in at least three meals a week. A year later, these people emaciated more than the gang who did not make the switch. Most importantly, it was easy, easy to handle the new weight – generally, that’s the main challenge of who wilts the silhouette.

And do you know why the food helped tune the measurements? Basically because it is almost devoid of fats. Pay attention: 100 grams gathers less than 1 gram of lipids (the official name of this nutrient) and approximately 50 calories. In the same amount of skewers, on the other hand, we have 15 grams of fats and close to 300 calories. Not for nothing, there are those who defend mushrooms as good substitutes for meat. How about adding more times to the menu of the week?

One word of advice: the mushrooms are short-lived. So at the time of purchase, take the fresh ones. When preparing, pay attention: do not discard the stalk. It is one of the strongholds of beta glucans, the most desired fibers in the food.

Mushrooms stand out in research labs around the world for another peculiarity. They carry in their composition a special fiber, beta glucan (also present in oats, for example). Such a component is considered a beautiful immunomodulator. Translating from the scientist: it leaves the smartest immunity to catch and attack infections and tumors.

There are more surprises hidden in the mushrooms. Because in the environment they are victims of the onslaughts of dangerous free radicals, they must find ways to defend themselves. One is producing more antioxidants, such as selenium, polyphenols and ergotionin. The advantage, when we regularly consume such fungi, is that we take this quality for our own defense. It’s just not very appropriate to use this rich food only in unbalanced recipes – like a stroganoff filled with sour cream. The cool thing would be to recruit him to increase salads, sauces and soups. It fits well even in sandwiches: just put it in place of cold cuts. Versatility offered by nature.

Source: https://saude.abril.com.br/alimentacao/a-hora-e-a-vez-dos-cogumelos/