Shiitake (rookie) Ambassador


How would you feel about being an agent for change, traveling the world while making a difference? We are change agents and you can be one too!

As our brand ambassador you will help us spread our message of sustainability and transformation, the urgent need to change how we produce our food make agriculture healthy for communities and the environment. 

Our ambassador network represents our brand in events all over the world and as a benefit, has places to stay all over the world for work and leisure. Join our ambassador community, spread ou message and be an agent of change for the global solution for local agriculture, all this while you learn explore the world. 

Join us to have fun and make a change!

Shitake’s are our level one Ambassador for Shimejito sales, travel and content generation.


Our Ambassador:

We are looking for passionate people who want to  be change agents, break paradigms and the status quo and consequently make the world a better place. Someone who likes to explore new cultures, new technologies and innovation, and who sees the need for change now, as the present and not the future! We embrace diversity, sustainability and transformation, if you do to, then check out if you meet the requirements below and join us!

-Love to travel!

-Love sustainability

-Wants to make a difference in their community and the world

-A people person who likes to communicate and meet new people, live and on social media

-Aligned with our message and willing to represent and spread Shimejito’s plans and philosophy

-Located in Europe, North America or Latin America.

-Based in a capital or main city with over 500 thousand inhabitants or a  GPD of € 900 MM per year

-Speak English and the local language

-Have a valid passport

-Participate in our Ambassador’s online training program 20h

-Have a private room available to host other Shimejito members for at least 45 days per year (you will also be able to travel and be hosted for 45 days).

Your job:

Generate content and represent our brand, produce one monthly article about Shimejito or relevant topics (selected by us) for Linkedin and share stories or posts about your experience as an ambassador


Participation in events that Shimejito or yourself find relevant for work as Ambassador with full expenses paid.

5% commissions over services and products sold to leads that came from your work (possibility to increase based on performance).

Access to the Global Shimejito Ambassador Network for work and leisure.

Be a change agent:

If you think you meet the requirements above  and agree with the terms, we are waiting for you!

To go further, please follow the registration instructions at the links bellow:

1 – Marketplace registration
2 – Landing page registration
3 – Join our 4.0 Agriculture community on Meetup
4 – Call with Shimejito’s team

With this purchase you will be able to:

Register into our marketplace  – FREE
Learn what we are and do (here) – FREE
After these two steps receive your Shiitake badge and be able to sale Shimejito products and services
Sell Biofactories and Mushroom Farms

More information at:



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