Mushroom Farm

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Be the owner of a sustainable investment that is a very profitable circular economy model, enable local agriculture and empower communities to produce sustainable food locally.

Your investment will produce 500kg of mushroom per month in a 70m2 (seventy square meters) controlled indoor environment, in 1/2 the traditional time and with 1/5 of the cost in a completely sustainable and organic matter!

We offer agriculture as a service – so, in other words, you invest and Shimejito does the rest.

Your purchase enables local agriculture in a sustainable and organic way. You will purchase a local, physical mushroom farm managed and run by Shimejito, producing sustainable food locally with guaranteed profit for you.

You will also have access to our intensive and specialized formation (partnership with the university of Lisboa), making you prepared and able to run any 4.0 agriculture business.

Pre book your farm now, invest in social impact and be an agent for change.

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