On-line 4.0 Agriculture Education #covid19

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Our agriculture Bootcamp was developed together with the University of Lisbon in MBA format.

In 150 hours you will learn how to be a farmer for the future:
– Understanding the importance of sustainable farming for climate and society
– Real-life needs and how to find XXI century problems to solve Sustainable agriculture
– Basics legal knowledge to open a company
– How to create a Social impact business
– How to create your online business with AI
– Basic programing for XXI century agriculture
– How to sell your idea through online platforms and build a powerful pitch
– Learn how to run and manage a sustainable farm remotely
– How to get funded

Be certified for the PDR program (Young Rural Worker Program)

The course features:

– online lectures
– video classes
– reading materials
– assessments.

The final assessment will be an individual project that certifies you for PDR application and to be an urban farmer.


Emergency offer during the #covid19 crisis.

Applications ends 30th of April 2020

Payments until 15th of May 2020

Classes begin July 2020

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Course 100% online
Begins - July 2020
Duration: 150 hours

- online lectures
- video classes
- reading materials
- assessments