Forget everything you know about farming...

What is the Mushroom Farm?

Forget large extension of land, deforestation, waste, pollution, toxins, greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint.

Generate sustainable profit, jobs, awareness, organic food, non animal protein, eco friendly production

The mushroom farm, is a Shimejito client and partner. It is a local physical structure managed by Shimejito. The client purchases agriculture as a service, in other words, the hardware, software, business plan,  sales and production are all managed by Shimejito, guaranteeing the production of  mushrooms in ou circular economy model and system.

The farm itself is a small greenhouse solution with proprietary IoT, bound to our quality of operational standards and the use of our proprietary organic substrate.

What is the structure of the production unit?

Our mushroom farms are inside a closed space of at least 70m² (seventy square meters), and a maximum of 140m² (one hundred and forty square meters). The farms must have windows for ventilation, a flat area and water supply.

We build Shimejito mushroom farms with:
Floor waterproofing;

Proprietary antifungal and antibacterial protection;

Proprietary IoT sensors;

Humidity Control System;

A production management system;

A direct sale system;

The Farms are a partnership with Shimejito and under our brand, follow our core values and use our proprietary substrate.

What is my investment and how much do I need to be involved?

We offer agriculture as a service, you buy the farm and we do the rest. In other words, we rent, hire, build, produce and sell for you, you invest in agriculture, generate jobs, learn to be a farmer of the future and make a passive income and sustainable living.. 

You need no previous experience and can supervise and manage your farm 100% online, 100% remotely. 

For 2020 we will have farms available in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Canada and The Netherlands. 

We have already sold farms in Fundão, Lisboa, Idanha-a-nova, Leiria and Porto.

Your investment is:

35 Thousand Euros 

You can know more and book you urban farm here

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How does it all work? 
Watch the video and read the questions below to understand

What is the physical structure of a mushroom farm?

Our indoor mushroom farms are built in spaces of at least 70m² (seventy square meters), and a maximum of 140m² (one hundred and forty square meters). All farms require windows for ventilation, a flat area and water supply.

We build Shimejito mushroom farms with:
1. Floor waterproofing;
2. Proprietary antifungal and antibacterial protection;
3. Proprietary IoT sensors;
4. Humidity Control System;
5. A production management system;
6. A direct sale system;

The Farms are a partnership between the client and Shimejito, under our brand, they all follow our core values and use our proprietary substrate, which is organic, sustainable and controlled .


Is there any training for Shimejito farm owners and employees?

The option for a free course, when you buy a Shimejito mushroom farm is available, with no impact on pricing.

We offer training. As a bonus, our course is provided in collaboration with the University of Lisbon and will give you ECTS.


How does Shimejito choose the production sites?

To have the best results for our partners and the communities, we propose the installation of farms where the population density is above 10,000 (ten thousand) inhabitants within a radius of 5 (five) km.

The population is our ratio for a successful business venture and is also our limit for the installation of further mushroom farms, controlling competition amongst partners.


What is the production capacity of a Shimejito mushroom farm?

Our farms capacity varies according to size.

We project that the smaller farms will produce up to 500 Kg/month of mushrooms (70m² seventy square meters)

Larger farms will provide up to 1,000 Kg / Month of mushrooms, for farms of 140 m² (one hundred and forty square meters).


How does Shimejito guarantee the quality of mushrooms?

Both the Biofactories and the farms follow our design. We control the process and technology. 

As such, the farms receive standard Shimejito substrate, in our proprietary packaging, and the production is IoT controlled.The circular system and automation will do the most to guarantee homogenous production of organic mushrooms, with superior quality. We will also randomly control human interaction with the product, through courtesy visits and training programs.


How does Shimejito distribute and sell mushrooms?

Shimejito maintains a marketplace integrated with social networks, where it will be possible to sell mushrooms directly to the end consumer, restaurants and grocery stores, while large-scale distribution to food distribution centres, supermarkets, restaurants takes place through established partnerships. By Shimejito.


Does the producer have advantages selling his mushrooms through the MarketPlace, maintained by the Shimejito website?

Yes, there is a possibility of commissioning.

What if I don't have 35.000 euros to invest?

Shimejito is committed to forming the farmers of the future, generating sustainable jobs and enabling anyone anywhere to produce and access sustainable food. 

So we have financing options, you can be apply for:

1- become a farmer investing only in your education, get a change to have 100% financing and a transformative learning experience. 

2- finance your farm through micro credit and the Urban Farm Bank, contact us here to know more.