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Shimejito, as a technology company, has created an integrated Internet of Things (IoT) system enabling superior organic mushroom production performance, resulting in virtually no product loss.

To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, Shimejito develops the designs and assembly of the decentralised Bio Factories and Production Units, which correspond to spaces suitably adapted to best practices and an appropriate environment to support the production of mushrooms and generating substrates for the production of Mushrooms This creates a turnover of inputs, which will be reused in other plantations, applying the concepts of circular economy focused on the maximum utilisation and reuse of raw materials and generating a positive social impact on the products resulting in organic, healthy and free of mushrooms. pesticides.

We must not forget the benefits of including Agriculture 4.0, which is stimulated by bootcamp that will leave the legacy of knowledge and application of new technologies to intelligently improve, facilitate and optimize agriculture, which stimulates circular economy and positive social impact through education.

What is Shimejito?

Shimejito is a brand that covers a set of associated companies under the European Mother Company – Generation Legacy Ltd.

What do we do?

We possess and develop innovative technology for the production and sale of mushrooms.

What is unique about Shimejito’s technology?

Our technology is revolutionary on two grounds: 
1. It permits high yields of production in shorter periods
2. It guarantees that the farms are decentralised, promoting local production and local economies.


What can Shimejito do for me?

You came here because mushrooms are the future, and you consider having activity around fungi. We know just how to get you started! In a great way: Profitable, Green and Community-friendly.
And yes, we will get you to enter the mushroom business, or introduce you to eating healthy delicious mushroom ☺


How can Shimejito make me a Mushroom Businessperson

We have a full system in place, from marketing to sales, and from substrate production to mushroom farming.

We offer you two ways to enter the mushroom business:
1. At the source, you can be our partner in a substrate producing factory, our Biofactories, which requires a more significant financial commitment.

2. You can be our partner in a local mushroom farm, and you will use the substrate we provide and sell fresh organic mushrooms locally. 

3. We do have a second and a half offer, which includes a course in mushroom agribusiness 4.0, with the possibility to get a Mushroom farm plus a free university recognised course.


How do we innovate?

1. Our proprietary Biotechnology allows us to produce the best substrate in the market; it allows for high yield production in shorter production cycles.
2. We have developed our production space with the use of machinery, IoT and our own proprietary software. With us, you will produce more and work less. That is agriculture 4.0!
3. We have developed our Marketplace, integrated into mainstream online sales platform and personal contact. 

Production made easy: that is agriculture 4.0!

The whole process made easy: that is Shimejito!

Is it hard to manage a mushroom a biofactory or a farm?

To manage a biofactory or a farm can be a challenge but will do it for you or with you. With us, you can decide whether we manage your business and send you money every month, or you can learn how to handle this business.

But there is more! We connect all dots in the production of mushrooms. We supply you with a platform that does your marketing and guarantees you reach the final consumer, while you produce comfortably.

What is a circular economy?

We designed a system that is inclusive and circular. 
We collect organic residues and make substrate, which transforms into great organic mushrooms, and what remains is just organic fertiliser. Our Planet is finite, and we do not waste.
Economically, we want the production to move close to consumption. That is a 0 km distribution system and a guarantee that the money goes around in your community.
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What is a positive social impact?

We believe we should impact the world around us, improving the way we lead any productive activity with a positive result for the environment and the people around us.

We also believe there is a tremendous social impact when we lead by example.

We didn’t invent any of this, and we are standing on the shoulders of great people, all those who strive to do better, like you.


What does Decentralized Production mean?

It could mean that your mushrooms did not cross the country to get to somebody’s dish, by car, truck, or worse, by plane.

We aim to have farms in communities, selling locally. You can say we are doing Urban Farming, but it is community farming.

Our products are delivered locally, at 0 km, with no waste in transportation, this is great!

Even better, is the fact we know our community will have fresh, organic food.


How does decentralised production work?

As a first step, we are setting substrate Biofactories in chosen locations, in Europe (EEE).

The Biofactory will serve our partner, local farms, that will be distributed locally according to supply necessity.

The Biofactory will produce substrate and supply at least ten mushroom farms.

The Biofactory will also reuse the substrate once after use, recondition and resell it as fertiliser or another ecologically neutral byproduct.


What is the benefit of a decentralised production?

It is an excellent idea not to transport food, and make it travel great distances. We don’t waste time and energy carrying it around.

There is this thing about mushrooms, unlike plants, they don’t need sunlight. They can be produced, anywhere, a basement, the garage, the attic, a room…

Because of this, there is a lot of flexibility to move the food production exactly where the consumer is, in town, or your village.

It means, the contact with the community its people, restaurants, markets, groceries, is simplified.

It also means you will be creating jobs locally, for the farms.

Do we like the idea of having an industry with no waste, ecologically friendly, and distributing wealth and delicious food in our community? Yes, absolutely!


What kind of physical structure do we need to install a Biofactory?

The machinery, operation and storage on a Biofactory will need a covered area of at least five hundred square meters.

The Biofactory can fit in pre-existing places such as warehouses, garages, basements and so on, provided they have windows to ventilate and water drainage.


Does the location of the Biofactories affect the site of the Mushroom Farms?

To fulfil our pledge for an ecological project, aiming for decentralisation, the reduction of transportation costs, and the creation of a circular economy, we determined that the Biofactories will work with a maximum radius of 200Km from the farms.


What does a Biofactory produce?

Our Biofactories will produce up to 25 Tons of Shimejito ® incubated substrates for mushroom harvesting and up to 30 (thirty) tons of organic compost, ready to use as fertiliser.


How many mushroom farms does a Biofactory supply?

Each Biofactory has to supply from 2 (two) to 10 (ten) mushroom farms.


How does the Biofactory sell its production?

The Biofactory prioritises the sale of the substrate to our partner farms. The remaining production capacity can be used to supply other consumption of substrate, provided it does not create competition with local farms.

There is freedom in sales, but they operate through our management platform.


Does the producer have any advantages with selling his Biofactory products through the Shimejito website?

Yes, the possibility of commissioning.


How do I become a partner in a Biofactory?

As we plan to build substrate Biofactories, we sell:

1. The reservation of the right to become a partner in a specific area.

2. Shares of the biofactories.

Once we plan the creation of a Biofactory, we announce it and show the construction project and the detailed business model to our investors.

Be our business partner and profit from the mushroom substrate and fertiliser production.
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