Ambassador Program

Education + Business

Join our community as an Ambassador and be an agent for change!

Education for the Earth

The world is changing fast, we will help to improve your skills in professional web content writing.
2 Articles per month for a major purpose: help Spread Shimejito's message.

Travel for free

Our network allows you to visit amazing cities to participate in events about climate change, new agricultural methods, innovation, sustainability, mushroom benefits, IT conferences etc.. All that is relevant to feed humanity locally and sustainably.

Business for the Future

As a Qualified Ambassador you're able to sell Shimejito's services and products, get paid up to 10% commissions and prepare yourself to be a 4.0 Urban Farmer, while being an agent for change, fighting for a better present and future.

OUR partners

"I became a Shimejito ambassador because I feel very fit large fit with the idea of sustainability working together with entrepreneurship. I also love the idea of being an influencer to enforce the good."
Thaissa Mayer
Inventory Manager
“It is very easy to sell something you are excited about, I really feel like a game changer as a Shimejito ambassador, my actions have a real social impact and I get to travel which I love."
Gabriella Sá