About Us

Who We Are

Our founder, Adriel Rodrigues, has always been passionate about innovation and after spending a few years at the Bank of Brazil doing an excellent work, still in 2017 he realized that he could do more for the world and for people’s health. And so he did with the purposes shown below:

Bring quality and affordable nutrition to a great number of people, promote effective research in the field, promote Urban Farming and collaborative economy in the world with the best production technology.


Why Choose Us

Quality is our goal. Brazil is still starting  to develop its potential for producing edible mushrooms. Today, the biggest producers in the world are the Chinese, followed by the Americans, who give preference to a bigger hat in their mushrooms for a simple factor: nutrition.

Did you know that the larger the hat, the more nutrients exist, such as the amino acid Ergothioneine? That the freshness and method of cultivation influence all the characteristics of your mushroom? hj.

Our History

The Shimejito was born with a purpose:

Customer focus (consumer and partners) with research and study:

Have you noticed how far  are we from the origin of our food? As the planet is suffering for our traditional farming methods, how is there a huge barrier between innovation and food production that can reach growers among so many other pains?

Adriel realized that we could change the way people relate to food. After  staying outside Brazil, in Europe (Berlin, Germany) and the United States (Silicon Valley, California), the idea of growing organic mushrooms in an enclosed and controlled environment seemed possible, but why haven’t anyone done it yet? The answer is simple: lack of literature, research and, above all, action!

Rolling up the sleeves

The work left the paper in February 2018 and began in an empty apartment in Asa Norte, in Brazilia, which they rented only to test a new method, based on the Chinese technique junca with significant adaptations enough to be able to make in the Brazilian cerrado a controlled cultivation in scale, with its own distribution, without seasonality and exclusive sales platform on the web.

And did not that work? With the knowledge of the team formed by Adriel, who has evolved a lot since then, not only have they been able to produce the first Shimejitos®, but also have taken advantage of an idle market in the city, real estate, being pioneers in the implementation of Urban Farming for the production of edible mushrooms in Brazil.


After developing and validating Shimejito® indoor production technology, Adriel realized that we could help more people to have a profitable, sustainable business and still meet the demand for healthy and nutritious food around the world.

Using our expertise in customer relationships and innovation, you can now produce with Shimejito® technology, serve your region and sell on our channels, improve your production with courses, exclusive training and work with our brand.

The apartment was small, now we are in a Factory-School of 500m ², in the Vargem Bonita, the “Green Belt” thought still in the construction of Brasilia, we have 4 Units of Harvest and Distribution that are working these values daily and leaving our clients, partners and contributors.

From now on:

We expect to reach 10 Harvest Units and distribution until February 2019, 10 direct and indirect jobs, and by the end of 2019 send the first Shimejito social production container to the places that most need this idea, with healthy food, to generate income and dignity for society.​

When you buy Shimejito, don’t forget: You consume the best super fresh mushroom and you invest in that idea!

Shimejito team