About Us

Who We Are

Shimejito wants to innovate agriculture through transparency and sustainability. We want to be part of and drive the transformation movement to assure that our world remains a livable and sustainable home for all of us and we believe changing how and what we eat through circular economy and social impact is the way to go. 

We are the global solution for local agriculture. We want to bring quality and affordable nutrition to local communities, promote effective research in the field, and offer agriculture as a service to deliver Urban, Organic, Sustainable Farming and collaborative economy in the world using the most efficient production technology.

Why Choose Us

Our methods guarantee the best quality and efficiency! We turn local waste into local food! We want to be part of and improve the communities we are in and our circular economy model assures a win win solution for all our clients, partners and consumers, offering best in class product, service and profit. 

Did you know that the larger the mushroom hat, the more nutrients exist, such as the amino acid Ergothioneine? That the freshness and method of cultivation influence all the characteristics of your mushroom? We do and we can guarantee the best conditions and best quality for our produce. 

Our History

Shimejito was born with a purpose!

Customer focus (consumer and partners) with research and study:

Have you noticed how far we are from the origin of our food? Why should food travel more then us if we can produce sustainably and locally? 

Our planet is suffers due to our traditional farming methods. We deforest, devastate and waste more and more, 80% of the global deforestation is caused but what and how we eat and our food, on the other hand, becomes increasingly more poisonous to us and destructive to our environments. 

We have the solution to answer this global pain locally! 

Our production methods allow us to produce 500kg per month in only 70 meters squared, no seasonality involved, all traceable and organic, even the soil and substrate! Our production modules (made up of 1 bio factory and 10 urban farms) are decentralized and empower local communities, as every new factory opened, gives life to 10 new local farms and 30 new local jobs, as a result local organic, high quality and accessible fresh produce for that community.

Rolling up the sleeves

Our founder, Adriel Rodrigues, has always been passionate about innovation and after promising career at the Bank of Brazil, in 2017, he realized that he could do more for the world and for people’s health. That is how Shimejito was born! Now we are a team of game changers wanting to transform the status quo of agriculture and improve how and what we eat, locally and sustainably.

The project left the paper in February 2018 and came to life in an empty apartment in Asa Norte, in Brazilia, Brazil, rented only to test a new method, based on the Chinese technique Junca.

Not only did it work, but Adriel realized that this could change the way people relate to food and enable them to produce organically and sustainably anywhere in the world. The pilot broke paradigms and changed the Urban Farming context.


After developing and validating Shimejito® indoor production technology, we have a model that offers a profitable, sustainable business and meets the demand for healthy and nutritious food around the world.

From the small apartment, we are now a module up and running in Portugal with a factory and 10 farms, and a waiting list for the next module.  

From now on:

We expect to to reach enough people to really change the game and break paradigms. Our solution can ensure our planet is livable and sustainable. Through our model, we can really change lives,  improve health environment and community. Use healthy food produces locally and sustainably to generate income and dignity for society.

There are many way you can join us and be a game changer too. If you believe the world needs change and now is the time to act,  we are waiting for you! 

The Shimejito team