In addition to being delicious, shimeji is a great source of non-animal protein and a great ally of the diet.

Shimeji is one of the most consumed mushrooms in the world. It has very interesting nutritional properties for consumption.

One of the main advantages of shimeji is the practical preparation, since its cooking takes just a few minutes. It can be used in many recipes like sauces, salads, pasta, risotto, among other dishes that the imagination commands. The taste of shimeji is light and goes well with a great diversity of foods. It also has few calories and is ideal for diets.

As this food is a source of protein of non-animal origin, it is very interesting for vegetarians and vegans as well as other varieties of mushroom. Even those who eat meat can vary the menu and include shimeji in the meals.

Shimeji can be purchased fresh, dry or still canned. It is possible to make many recipes with this mushroom as the protagonist. Here are some suggestions for you to experience and love. Check out:

Snacks and pies

1. Shimeji burger without meat: the burger is made from shimeji and presents a slightly elaborate but worthwhile preparation. In order for the hamburger alloy to work, the author recommends following the manner of preparation and the ingredients.

2. Shimeji burger with beef: The burger is prepared with ground beef along with shimeji, the ingredient that helps to attribute greater juiciness. Perfect for a change in snacks!

3. Shimeji burger and mayonnaise with wasabi: a beef burger stuffed with shimeji in butter is prepared. The special touch is due to the mayonnaise combined with a little wasabi.

4. Shimeji burger and lentil: With the lentil already cooked, simply beat the ingredients in the blender until it is in small pieces. Then just serve the hamburger as you wish. Easy and practical!

5. Kibe vegetarian pumpkin and shimeji: to help give alloy in kibe, potatoes and flour are used. The kibe is finished with shimeji in butter.

6. Polenta canapés with shimeji: an unconventional way of consuming the traditional polenta. The polenta is served in crunchy squares on the outside and soft on the inside. And to top it off, the shimeji on top.

7. Creamy mushroom bruschetta and parmesan: the bruschettas are a great option of entry. For this recipe are used mushrooms and Parmesan cheese to attribute creaminess.

8. Shimeji and Zucchini Bruschetta: Shimeji and zucchini are sauteed in a frying pan and served with lightly toasted bread. It is a very quick and simple recipe to make.

9. Shimeji cookie with cream cheese: very easy to make and with few ingredients, this recipe is great to get out of the rut. The dumplings are breaded, resulting in crunchy texture on the outside and softness on the inside.

10. Quick shimeji and sweet potato pie: an ideal recipe for post-workout, since sweet potatoes are a great source of low-glycemic carbohydrate. The dough is made with the potatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, rosemary and water, while the filling is a shimeji sauteed to the well-seasoned shoyu.

11. Whole shimeji and shiitake pie: a very nutritious and simple to prepare pie. No blender or mixer is required for the dough.

Main dishes

12. Yucca shrimp with shimeji: the hidden is a much consumed dish with meat filling. The shimeji stuffing, in addition to being healthier, is also a great recipe to get away from the routine and try something new.

13. Manioc hiding with meat and shimeji: for those who do not give up the meat, it is possible to use along with the shimeji filling, adding flavor and health to the dish.

14. Shrimp and beef potatoes with shimeji: For those who are not a fan of manioc hiding, you can also make the pasta with potatoes, after all the shimeji filling goes well with both options. In addition to the two potatoes, this recipe takes two types of shimeji, dark and light.

15. Angu with shimeji sauce: the angu is a kind of polenta with more liquid texture. Shijmeji is made in butter and these two pieces form an incredible and comfortable combination.

16. Simple Shimeji Risotto: For those who do not yet have experience with risottos, this is a great option to start with. The preparation is very simple and fast.

17. Risotto of shimeji with white wine and parmesan: white wine adds a refined taste to the risotto, making this dish a great option for more special occasions.

18. Shisji Risotto with Balsamic Vinegar: The secret to making the risotto look very creamy is to use the creamy balsamic vinegar. To serve, sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top.

19. Risotto of shimeji, shitake and white wine: an elegant and irresistible dish. For the ideal risotto texture, the recipe author advises not to let the cooking water of the mushrooms dry completely.

20. Risotto of shimeji, brie and grapes

white: a good request for those who are a bittersweet fan. Brie cheese blends perfectly with grapes or other fruits.

21. Fillet with shimeji: an elaborate recipe, but that is very simple and quick to be prepared. Just braise the filet along with onion and at the end of cooking add the shimeji.

22. Filet mignon with easy shimeji: the filet used is shaped like a locket, which guarantees the appearance of the dish. Mushrooms are made in the cachaça in the same panels as you prepare the meat, so all the flavors harmonize and complete.

23. Filet mignon with shimeji and a thousand potato leaves: a more elaborate recipe, but the result is worth it. With the shimeji is prepared a creamy sauce, served along with the grilled filet and a thousand leaves of potato.

24. Against wild fillet: with the shimeji, a paste is prepared along with garlic and fresh herbs. The filet is grilled and served with the pasta.

25. Medallion to wine sauce and shimeji: medallions are sealed and served with wine and shimeji sauce. For medallions to be very tasty, it is recommended to season at least 30 minutes before preparation.

26.Rump strips with shimeji and green corn puree: first a mashed potato is prepared along with green corn. The rump is made into thick strips and the shimeji is prepared in the meat broth. All this together makes up a complete dish.

27. Salmon with shimeji: for this recipe are used large salmon fillets that are seasoned together with shimeji shredded and baked inside the foil.

28. Mullet with shimeji and roasted vegetables: a practical idea. The mullet is baked and served with the sauce made from shimeji, sour cream and the fish’s cooking broth.

29. Fish papillote with shimeji and nirá: a complete recipe without dirty pans! Simply arrange the ingredients in individual portions on foil, bake for a few minutes and serve.

30. Shimeji Cream: This recipe serves both as main course and accompaniment. If you want a spicy touch, add finely chopped finger pepper.

31. Cabotiá cream with shimeji: great dish to be served on cold days. For the broth, cook the pumpkin with the carrot, sauté the shimeji with the seasonings and then whisk everything in the blender until the desired texture is obtained.

32. Baro Potato Cream with Shimeji in Butter: To reach the point of creamy broth add water gradually while cooking the broth. Finalize by adding cream.


33. Carbonara pasta with shimeji: Carbonara pasta is traditionally made with sour cream, cheese and bacon. In that case there is the addition of shimeji in the recipe and the result is amazing!

34.Spaghetti with garlic and shimeji garlic sauce: shimeji and garlic are a sure combination. In this recipe, along with cream, the double forms a pasta sauce fast and simple to be made.

35. spaghetti with shimeji cream sauce: this sauce is super practical to be made. Just make the shimeji in the butter along with seasonings and it’s ready.

36.spaghetti with shimeji and ricotta: this recipe is super light. Ricotta is a thin cheese, being very healthy, as is the shimeji. To make the recipe even more fit, serve with whole spaghetti.

37. Pasta with shimeji and shoyu sauce: For the sauce, shimeji the butter with a touch of shoyu and add the seasonings of your preference.

38. Pasta with shimeji, shiitake and nirá: the sauce is made in the reduction of shoyu and balsamic vinegar. To conclude, add a ladle of the cooking water of the pasta, to attribute creaminess to the sauce.

39. Macaroni with shimeji and sweet grape sauce: To add the sauce, add a ladle of water from the pasta. To serve, use fresh basil.

40. Rigatoni in the filet mignon, shimeji and rosemary sauce: the shimeji is sautéed in the same panela in which the meat is grilled, to give more flavor to the recipe. The rosemary adds freshness to the sauce.

41. Spiffy bifum with shimeji and mignon: bifum is a pasta made from rice, being an option for those who do not consume gluten. For the sauce, simply seal the meat and then add the remaining ingredients.

42. Shimeji palm heart spaghetti: this is a very nutritious and low calorie recipe. Spaghetti is made with pupunha palm and the sauce is made with shimeji in butter.

43. Carrot spaghetti with shimeji sauce: another recipe with low calorie content and very nutritious. In this case the pasta is made with strips of carrot. To accompany, tomato sauce and shimeji.

Certain accompaniments

44. Shimeji in butter: Shimeji in butter is one of the most classic ways to consume this mushroom. It serves as accompaniment and can also be used as a sauce for various pastas.

45. Shimeji on the papelote: the shimeji, along with vegetable oil and seasonings, is wrapped in foil and taken to roast for a few minutes. A practical recipe and no dirt in the kitchen.

46.Shimeji to coconut milk: a recipe with various flavors and that is worth to be tested. In addition to coconut milk, curry and fleshy pepper are used to give a spicy taste.

47. Eastern Shimeji: This shimeji is served in oriental cuisine restaurants, but it is very simple to prepare at home. The taste is slightly bittersweet due to glutamate.

48.Shimeji and oriental shitake: just slice the mushrooms and sauté them in butter and shoyu. Serve with finely chopped chives.

49. Shimeji, shiitake and broccoli sausage: To speed up the process, the recipe author explains how to cook broccoli quickly in the microwave. The oriental touches of the recipe are due to shoyu and sesame oil.

50. Shimeji with bean sprout: a protein-rich and very practical accompaniment to be made. Just steam all the ingredients in a pan for a few minutes and you’re ready to serve.

51.Sauteed mushrooms: the mushrooms used are shimeji, shiitake and paris. For sauté, use shoyu and sake.

52. Potato stuffed with shimeji and curd: a recipe to eat also with the eyes, since the aspect is beautiful. To save more time, make the potato in the microwave. Sweet potato with shimeji: potatoes are baked in shell with aluminum foil. Then a little of the pulp is removed and the shimeji filling in the butter is added.

54. Pumpkin stuffed with ricotta and shimeji: the pumpkins used are mini strawberries, which attributes a charm to the recipe. The filling is made with processed ricotta, seasonings and shimeji. Then just take it to the oven.

55.Mushroom Ragu: The suggestion is to serve this recipe with polenta, but it can be served with pasta and whatever else your imagination commands. The preparation is simple and the result delicious.

Shimeji is a great ally of the diet, an ideal source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being very tasty and preparing many delicious and nutritious recipes. How about trying today?

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