For Shimejito, collaborative economy and urban farming go beyond fads, they guide our business. In the first, we eliminate production costs for the final consumer, in the second we occupy properties that are often unused and we save nature by using them for our production. If you identify with these concepts and want to adopt them to produce organic shimeji then you have the profile that Shimejito looks for in a Shimejito Distributor. No experience with agriculture or related knowledge is required.​​

How it works?​

The Shimejito Distributor will know enough technology and know-how to produce shimeji in a controlled and controlled environment. All production will be sent in an advanced stage to ensure quality control and to make the execution of the whole process as simple as possible for the Shimejito Distributor. In a short time, the production is already starting to work, shimeji can already be harvested and put up for sale on Shimejito channels.​

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An international company with an inclusive and innovative business model that uses state-of-the-art IoT technology to solve problems for producers and consumers.


Our decentralized business model enables producers to start or improve their production in record time.


Direct sale to your local consumer, scheduled deliveries, ultra fresh food guarantee.


Know in real time how your production in your hand or on the computer with our monitoring sensors.


Producing mushrooms with quality is a difficult task and requires much study and practice. levels of humidity, temperature, oxygenation, quality of organic substrates, “seeds” (mushrooms are not plants) and the main thing: GENETIC MATERIAL, these are just some of the concerns of those who want to grow this rich food.

If you already produce, talk to us, we can assist in recycling processes, training and consulting to improve your production, reducing waste and adding brand value through our own genetic matrix.

If you are thinking of producing in an apartment, house or farm, know more economical alternatives like installing a Harvest and Distribution Unit in your neighborhood.

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