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Hi, we are Shimejito and we sell agriculture as a service.

What can you do for your community today?

Shimejito is proud to be part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.

The Biggest Potential in Post-COVID-19 Period by Startup Estonia

Startup Estonia
Salto Boot Camp - 2020

Winner Bridges for Innovation, 2018.


Adriel created a way to produce electricity with mycelium and turn LED lights on for weeks

Renata Hessel

Thanks to Shimejito for provide the help I needed to come to Portugal 

Jacqueline Consone

Why Shimejito?

Adriel Oliveira


We created an unique program and solutions for climate action because we're tired of listening the same lies coming from the same behaviour that causes the climate disaster.

Environmental and health conscious people are still struggling to find reliable brands that they can count on, that's why Shimejito is building a trust-worthy community that supports Life on earth and other SDG's to makes humankind realize the full potential of mushrooms and the Psychedelic Renaissance it's just in the beginning, ensuring their use as healthy and peaceful experience.

Lisboa - Brasília - Belo Horizonte 

Nova School of Business and Economics - Carcavelos